Naturism: whatis about?

"Naturism, is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of the joint nudity, the purpose of which is to support the self-respect, the respect of the others and that of the environment" Congrès international - Agde 1974

In France one can practise Naturism in the following places :

Those Clubs and Centres are registered with the Fédération Française de Naturisme (FFN) of which the goal is:

- to organize

- to develop

- to control,

naturist activities in Metropolitan France and in the Departments and Territories of Overseas.

The licence of the FFN

A licence is delivered with all those which attend the Clubs and Centers of Holidays approved by the FFN. The licence allows the operation of the FFN and the House of Naturism.

The licence FFN which is also international (FNI) is a pass giving access to all the French and foreign naturist places recognized by the Naturist Federations.

To be in possession of the licence, it is to have the insurance to be informed, to be defended and represented near the authorities.

The licence is personal because of the guarantees of insurance which are attached to it. Valid until December 31 of the current year, it is obligatory as from 15 years.

Key figures of naturism in France

- 180 Clubs FFN

- 88 Centres of holidays FFN

- 150 naturist Sites (beaches, rivers, lakes)

- 21 000 Members of Clubs

- 78 000 naturists FFN in France (clubs FFN and centers of holidays FFN)

In Europe if it is in the Netherlands that one finds the most naturists, it is in France that there are the most sites allowing the practice of Naturism.


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